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Educational Psychology Perspectives on Supporting Young Autistic People: Insights from Experience, Practice and Research  (Pre- 21st April 2022)


Edited by Judith Gainsborough,  Robyn Steward, et al.


An essential guide for any professionals working with autistic children and young adults, this book provides expert insights which need to be considered by professionals, parents and autistic people alike.


It covers key themes such as anxiety and wellbeing, transition into adulthood, sexuality, intersectionality, and many more.

A unique blend of first-hand experience, parental guidance and professional advice is provided from prominent figures in the autism field to offer you an overview of the important issues of today, to help you understand and better support autistic young people.


Contributions by founder Venessa Bobb



Girls and Autism: Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives (1st Edition, 2019).       

Edited by Barry Carpenter, Francesca Happe and Jo Egerton


Often thought of as a predominantly ‘male’ disorder, autism has long gone unidentified, unnoticed and unsupported in girls – sometimes with devastating consequences for their social and mental well-being. As current research reveals a much more balanced male-to-female ratio in autism, this book provides crucial insight into autistic girls’ experiences, helping professionals to recognize, understand, support and teach them effectively. 

Chapter 6 - Co-author founder Venessa Bobb 

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Autism How to raise a happy autistic child Paperback (Mar 2018)

Written by Jessie Hewitson


Jessica Hewitson, an award-winning journalist at The TimesAutism is the book she wishes she had read when her son was first given the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.


It combines her own experiences with tips from autistic adults, other parents - including author David Mitchell - as well as advice from autism professionals and academics such as Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. Autism looks at the condition as a difference rather than a disorder and includes guidance on:

· What to do if you think your child is autistic
· How to understand and support your child at school and at home
· Mental health and autism
· The differences between autistic girls and boys

Includes contribution by founder Venessa Bobb

S.E.N.D in The Clowns: Essential Autism/ADHD Family Guide by Suzy Rowland  (Author), 2020



S.E.N.D. In The Clowns started as a collection of diary entries and a way for author and mother, Suzy Rowland, to write through tears of injustice. But Suzy's aim isn't just to tell a personal story, it's to help parents untangle red tape, stay engaged and feel empowered as they march, with their autism or ADHD child, through a system that struggles to educate children who are different. Packed with guidance, S.E.N.D In The Clowns is a surprisingly positive and uplifting read.


A unique handbook of self-care and practical advice for parents who find themselves on the autism merry-go-round. S.E.N.D in the Clowns is a play on the acronym Special Educational Needs and Disability hinting that these children's behaviour may look like they are either the sad clown sitting quietly in the corner or the zany clown performing slap stick tricks to make everyone in the classroom laugh. Read more.


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Autism, Ethnicity and Culture: Working with Children and Families from Minority Communities by Dr. Prithivi Perepa (2019)


Autism affects all ethnicities, yet professionals do not always have the skills required to support the diverse needs of autistic young people and their families from different communities. As a result, families from these communities often experience issues in getting a diagnosis, access to educational and social care settings, appropriateness of social skills being taught to children, and misinterpretation of behaviour exhibited by these children, which can also lead to higher rates of exclusions. 

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