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 About A2ndVoice CIC



Update news on Covid19 check out National Autistic Society Website.


We are a social enterprise non for profit organisation supporrting the needs of autistic people and their families, raising awareness and understanding from different perspectives, outreaching also to the Africa, Caribbean, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (ACAME) and Dual Heritage Communities in tackling the taboos and myths around Autism.


We host a range of activities and events looking at the needs of the family. Supported by Autistic People and Specialists.


Click on links to direct to links to register or to call facilitators.



Joining the HAF Programmes in Wandsworth, Lambeth and Croydon area.

All staff will following the COVID guidelines, PPE accessories will be available and some things on sale, if we have to replace. 


PRIORITY for autistic, ADHD and SEND young people living in their local boroughs.


Update to Covid-19 guidance for holiday clubs.


Since the wider government announcement on Covid-19 measures on 8 December, the department has published updated guidance:  Covid-19 protective measures for holiday or after-school clubs and other out-of-school settings (


Changes to the guidance since the previous update on 2 December 2021 include:


- updated asymptomatic testing section reflecting that you should encourage visitors to test before coming to your setting


- updated advice on Tracing close contacts and isolation to reflect the forthcoming change to isolation rules


- updated advice on face coverings


- updated sections on children and adults who were previously considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable


The government has made it a national priority that education and childcare settings should continue to operate as normally as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that HAF provision takes place on a face-to-face basis during the Christmas holidays.


The programme offers a wide range of support for families and goes well beyond the delivery of food: it provides enriching activities and is an opportunity to learn and socialise, an important source of childcare, and a point of contact for children and families during holiday periods that can be vital for them in accessing support and services.


The Government has published a contingency framework to guide decision makers in managing local outbreaks of coronavirus. This covers the decision-making process when considering any local measures that affect holiday clubs, childcare and out-of-school settings, including the HAF programme.



Sessions for children from 5 to 25. Carers welcome to attend, young children welcome to our family sessions, but need to make us aware before the day.


To ensure that all our attendees have a safe and enjoyable sessions, we ask everyone to take a rapid lateral flow test no more than 48 hours before arriving attending the sessions each day.

If your test is positive, you have any symptoms, or you’ve been in contact with anyone who has recently tested positive, please do not attend the sessions and follow government guidelines on self-isolation..

These sessions are specifically for autistic/ADHD/SEND children due to the lack of specialist provision within the local communities.


Lunch and refreshments provided (Menus sent in advance)

Welcome to bring a pack lunch..



ESSENTIAL: Must attend the food activitiy to attend the off site trips, below.

Flip Out Wandsworth, Gravity Bowling, Horse Grooming, Chertsey and Horse Riding in Lower Morden (need to call for us to book horse riding sessions, limited spaces)



Flip Out Waiver: Please register in advance waiver. This does not guarantee a space as it is based on first come first basis.



Gravity Southside





One with a horse experience One carer and one young person


only. Held at Ash Farm Polo, Chertsey

Carey Khan is an experienced Horse Expert. Founder of One with the Horse; enabling the unique powerful connection & relationship with horses.


We will update in regards to the other facilitators. 


For more information on specific projects, please contact:







Essential to book in advance, due to COVID19 new ruling.



A2ndvoice are Wellbeing Champions for Hungry Little Minds will be running SEND/Autism Support Groups for under 5's