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Sorry due to the nature of some of the topics. It will not be suitable for babies and children to attend. We will be looking at creche facilities in the near future.

Mark Brown - SHSN
Laurie Morgen - Inside Autism, Outside the Box
Stephen Michaelis from SAS

Workshops with Mark Brown from Special Help for Special Needs, Steven Michaelis from Sensory Activation Solutions and Laurie Morgen from Inside Autism, Outside the Box


With all of the workshops, parents/carers and professionals are encouraged to ask questions in order for them to gain a more practical understanding of the issues discussed in any of these workshops."



How Sensory Processing Influences Learning, Behaviour and Emotional Well-Being with Stephen Michaelis

Sensory Activation Solutions, created innovative neuro-sensory brain training programmes that aim to make better connnections and strengthen specialised processing in the brain. This learning enhancement technique can improve attention, speech development, reading and writing and attainment at school or at work. We see many clients with conditions such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorders and Autism. Long term benefits can include improvements in motor skills, behaviour management, social skills, emotional well-being, confidence and self-worth.


Puberty & Relationship with Mark Brown

No matter how much the subject is avoided, we all have to go through puberty. Those children and teenagers with special needs need greater support in order to keep safe and understand what is happening during this phase of their lives. It is up to those around them to be able to provide open and honest support to ensure this safety. This workshop will explore some of the main issues that children and teenagers have to face and provide some practical methods to successfully do so.


Challenging Behaviour with Mark Brown

Communicating your needs is an imperative part of life, but what do you do when there are communication difficulties. Use your behaviour, whether positive or negative, to get your message across. Many children with autism will have to resort to such approaches but may in turn become labelled. By developing approaches that help the child learn more appropriate communication methods, then the more positive life becomes. This workshop will explore the issues relating to the development of such behaviours and how to provide more appropriate approaches for your child and you.


Obsession and Anxiety with Mark Brown

"Autism is anxiety looking for a target. Autism and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Autism affects a person's ability to communicate with others or to understand the world around him, and that's bound to cause anxiety"

This workshop will explore some of the issues relating to Autism and anxiety, including the display of obsessive behaviour, how it can impact upon everyone involved and how to develop support and interventions as a way to reduce the consequences of being anxious.


Social Skills for All Ages

Details to follow..



Girls and Women on the Spectrum with Laurie Morgen


Laurie takes a meaningful look at issues around growing up on the autistic spectrum before Asperger's Syndrome was widely known about. She'll open a window into what her family life was like and how it prepared her for adulthood. Touching on school, relationships, puberty and sex from her unique Inside Autism, Outside the Box perspective, she will challenge and encourage the way you relate to the autistic people in your life.


Working Towards Adulthood with Mark Brown

The future for teenagers with special needs after school has finished is one that many people worry about. Not only is it about placements but also about life in general and all the skills that are needed. To help with this transition, the workshop will explore some of the issues that teenagers with special needs and their families have to face and examine some practical ways to reduce the pressure on all involved.

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