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Sensory Activation Solutions

SAS Centre UK
SAS provides affordable and easy to apply listening programmes that have helped thousands of children and adults with neurological conditions such as Asperger's Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and Down's Syndrome, ADHD and Dyslexia.
The methodology is based on the latest neuro-scientific findings in brain plasticity. It is now possible to achieve long lasting improvements in sensory, speech and language processing, which will boost attention, understanding and memory. This can lead to significant changes in emotional well-being, social skills and daily behaviour.
We use specially developed listening programmes, applied through headphones, to activate specific parts of the brain and adjust processing habits. Every course is uniquely tailored around the needs and potential of each client to ensure optimal results in a short period of time.
Taking a SAS course is really easy as it does not require attention, following instructions or physical exercises. It even works while asleep. Within one month the brain can establish new permanent interconnections. Listening to the specially processed music, speech and tones is both safe and effective..
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Allocating staff and premises in hosting Family Autism Stay & Play Fun Days, Conference and Wandsworth Autism Fayre & SEN.  Website: Click here

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CLC intends to raise awareness and educate young people about domestic abuse in young adult relationships. Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual and financial. It can also be harassment and stalking. It happens between adults and young people who are partners, ex-partners or family members regardless of their gender.


CLC working in partnership with A2ndvoice raising awareness, support and understanding for siblings with autistic siblings and their families looking at healthy relationship programs and social safety awareness support.  Website: Click here