Teenager Girls and Growing Up

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Teenager Girls and Growing Up Workshop

Schedule for the day


12.30 pm - Registration

  1.00 pm - Dr. Liz Pellicano & Dr. Will Mandy

  2.00 pm - Alis Rowe

  3.00 pm - BREAK

  3.15 pm - Caroline Hearst

  4.15 pm - Q & A

  4.30 pm - CLOSE



Importance of why this workshop


When many discussing what "Autism" or "Aspergers" is, there is still a great lack of understanding to what the condition is and how it can manifestate in individuals, but with 1:4 boys being diagnosed with the condition and then to hear, read or more focus is around the boys. 


To touch on Girls and Women on the Spectrum has been a very difficult subject, when parents, professionals or a friend making an enquirying to me concerned about their daughter.


Teenager Girls and Growing Up on the Spectrum was featured around "Alis Rowe" UK Author and Social Entrepreneur,  a young woman who was diagnosed with Aspergers three years ago.  Alis visited our 1st Drop In Session for the year in February 2014, spent two days at The Autism Show 2014 and with so much requests to get a young woman to speak about Aspergers and Growing Up. Alis kindly accepted the offer, I felt it was best for her to run a workshop when she was ready.


Alis has moved so quick that I can't even keep up with her.. With this I decided that the day should consist around females on the spectrum. 


In April 2014, I met Caroline Hearst by chance whilst we sat near to each other on the same train from London Bridge to New Cross where we ended up walking together to realise we were going to the same conference at Goldsmiths University of London  "Diagnosing Autism: Making Voices Heard"


We got a chance to talk about our links to Autism and had the same interest of Cultural Diversity and on our walk and also sat with her in the conference she was diagnosed with Aspergers in her 50's, UK Author and Founder to Autism Matter. 


Asking Caroline to speak on the day, I felt will give a balance and an understanding from different perspectives and also with both being diagnosed after leaving the education system.


For those who are involved, participate and/or get the chance to attend many exhibitions, conferences or workshops. There are many parents and families to even trainees and professionals who may not be aware of focus groups, surveys and research that is happening around the UK were we can be involved. 


I met Dr. Liz Pellicano Director - Centre of Research in Autism and Education at the opening of Anna Kennedy - 1st Conference at Baston House 2012, thereafter kept seeing her at various events linked to Autism and seeing her on BBC Programs.

I will explain how Dr. Pellicano and Dr. Will Mandy became part of this project which I believe is important for all those involved with caring, living or working with those on the Autistic Spectrum.


Look forward to seeing you on the day...