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Autism, Women and the BAME Community

Autism, Women & BAME Community



Research has shown that autism within the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME) experience double discrimination, due to their ethnicity and disability. 


When diagnosis is being offered or provided to these communities, cultural barriers, myths, taboo, stereotypes, prejudice, religious beliefs and family traditions misjudge the child's awkward and challenging behaviour as "naughty", poor parenting skills, single mother syndrome or absent fathers. This does not make the child autistic


The question that many individuals have shared with me over the years, their concerns with young black youths being labelled as having social issues at no time in early school years to adolescent, many of these youths may have ended up going through the criminal justice system in error.


Please be mindful, that all individuals on the autistic spectrum will experience some similarities, but for those within the BAME community labelling has been used to justify a child's behaviour without seeking specialist help for the child.

Many people believe that autistic individuals are non-verbal and unable to communicate.  The autistic spectrum disorder (condition) is a very complex neurological condition, no two autistic individuals are the same.

Check out the National Autistic Society - BAME Report Publication that was held at the Houses of Commons on the Tuesday 15th July and also the minutes of the meeting at the AGM for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism. (AGGPA)

They are all unique.

We will be hosting another Autism and BAME Community in the near.

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