Autism and the BME Communities


Raising awareness about autism and aspergers has been extremely difficult from the start.  When my son Nathaniel was diagnosed with Autism and Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  in April 2008, he was 5 years old.

I knew something was different, but just couldn’t explain it as he did not meet all his milestones. Isolation, being accused of neglecting your child to your child being called a “sissy”, because he was floppy and too gentle.  There was no mention or any suspicion that he was autistic.


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Meet Jackie Pilgrim - Afro-American Aspergers Mother (USA)


Jackie Pilgrim was diagnosed couple of years ago with Aspergers, her journey has opened my eyes to how society overlook Autism on a whole, but for Black Mother's this is another story to be told.


Jackie has a teenager son "Hunter" and she also homeschools, due to the failings within the educational system. In the near future, she will give us an insight how she has cared for her son and to educate him at home.


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Meet John Haderlein - Junior "Autism & Exorcism


Knowing your child has Autism and you accept it is one thing, but if you are given a diganosis, no support and no help. What would be the next option? For many individuals and families, raising a young child on the spectrum can be difficult.


Many people will differ. If you had a child in a wheelchair, had a visible disability or any disfigurement or missing limb. This would be easier for anyone to see and understand, but for many families. Ignorance is everywhere and we need to educate those within faith groups.


Seeking for the right support is needed.  The mother in this story was desperate for her son to be "cured" of his erratic behaviour.


Autism is not an illness it is a condition. Too many myths and lack of knowledge is stopping many families going to church or any place of worship.


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